Kitten Yoga

When my cat was little, she used to love it whenever I did yoga. She liked to curl up behind and then pull my hair while I was going through my prone poses.

She stopped doing that when we moved to Seattle. In fact, I nearly stopped doing yoga myself for several months.

I started doing yoga again this past spring, and Liz didn’t seem terribly interested. I’ll admit that it bothered me. I’d lost my yoga buddy.

Well, I can’t be upset any more. She realized the other day that I’m doing yoga again, and today decided that I needed her expert treatment while I was working. She decided my cobra pose made a nice bridge for her to roam under, back and forth. Then while I was doing my prone poses, she decided she needed to attack my hands whenever they were near the floor.

There’s nothing quite like doing Kitten Yoga. Perhaps next she’ll figure out how to spur me on to Anything Goes Martial Arts Yoga…just to protect myself from her interference.