A Little Something to Help Me Toward One Goal

One of my goals for myself is learn how to do my own photography. The idea is that once I have a non-disposable camera, I can handle this tricky aspect of marketing my jewelry myself.

Okay, so I also think there’s something cool about being able to say you do a little photography.

Last year, I did some research on photographing jewelry specifically. Nearly every article I read seemed to just confuse or intimidate me. (Of course, I was so scared last year about starting off my jewelry business that nearly everything scared me!) I decided to just add it to my to-do list and forget about it.

It probably wasn’t the smartest move, but I’m trying to make amends for it now. I still don’t have a camera, but I’m starting to collect useful, clear articles on photography. When I finally do get a camera, I should have a great set of resources to help me conquer this scary process.

What I really love about this particular article is that it even addresses cleaning up the photo with editing software! That part of the process is where I’ve been stuck for months on some pictures that a friend so kindly took for me.