I’m a Cranky Editor

I spend quite a bit of my time editing. Doesn’t matter if I’m at work, running my business, or relaxing. I must spend ten to fifteen hours out of my week editing.

I’m noticing something in my work, though, and I think it’s because I now have an editor for some of my projects. Technical editing is emotionless, and I do that much well.

Content editing…for whatever reason, when I’m asked to edit content, I seem to slip into this cold mode that doles out few compliments and asks a lot of questions. For the most part, this seems to be well-received (which is impressive, given that much of my editing time is spent with students and younger friends), but it occurs to me I don’t have to be quite so grumpy.

This occurred to me last week as I was grading some papers for a local high school. I had to put my pencil on the other side of the room because all I wanted to do was snark all over this poor fifteen year old’s paper. I’m certain I wasn’t a stellar writer when I was fifteen, so I’m guessing I probably had no right to feel so mean-spirited.

I’m going to try to be more….open-minded, forgiving…no…those really sound arrogant. I’m going to try to edit more from the point of view of who I was when I was their age. What would I have wanted to hear, and how would I have wanted to hear it?