Find Five Friday: Eclectic Geek Mix

This week has been a little crazy. The voiceover work piled up unexpectedly. I got roped into a craft show this weekend, so I’ve been trying to pull things together for that. If you’ve been following my DigiWriMo adventures, you know I’ve been quiet there. And the only reason the Saturday Serial will have a new scene this weekend is because I managed to write it last weekend.

So, today’s offerings will be…eclectic. (To be honest, I had no idea what was sitting in Instapaper when I started writing this post.)

1. A fellow DigiWriMo participant introduced me to DailyCreate on Twitter. They post prompts for you to respond to. They’re supposed to rotate through a number of digital arts, but I’ve only seen visual prompts this week.

2. But it did introduce me to the coolest tool that allows you to create virtual magnetic poetry. I wanted to craft something about a Wall of Fire, but as my options were limited, I created this stirring poem instead.

3. Dork Tower introduced me to BrikWars, a system that allows you to use your favorite interconnected brick toys to create tabletop roleplaying spaces. I remember a few years ago when Lego released board game sets, but this strikes me as something a lot of geeks I know would really get into.

4. And while we’re on the topic of geeks doing cool things with Lego bricks, may I introduce you to Rick Martin? This is not a new link for me, but as it’s relevant and his scene recreations for Words of Radiance are cool enough to get shared by Brandon Sanderson, I’m going to declare it fair game.

5. Rounding out the list this week is this Wired article on Jim Davis and the phenomenon of Internet cats. Because it’s always cool and fun to talk about Garfield. (Plus, it was interesting to see just how he perceives the distribution of comics as technology advances.)

There you go. Another five links for another Friday. Next week should (theoretically) be calmer, so maybe I’ll actually stay up-to-date on Instapaper and have interesting, useless links for you.