Find Five Friday: Audio Edition

If you’re seeing this the day it posts, Happy Halloween! If you aren’t, Happy Halloween anyway. I’ve lived in haunted houses off and on throughout my life, and I can tell you there is never a wrong day for being completely spooked by things that aren’t there.

You’re probably expecting a Halloween-themed Find Five Friday, and I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you…mainly because I just haven’t had a whole lot of Halloween fun this week. But I did go to the trouble of putting on a costume for the day. Well…a costume T-shirt anyway. (There are only so many times during the year I get to wear my Rogue costume T-shirt and not feel terribly self-conscious about it.) Hopefully, you’re doing a better job of getting into the spirit.

Anyway…onto my Five.

#1 – First up on the list, a pair of audio dramas! I realized a couple of weeks ago that I was going to have two audio dramas come out this week, and was just praying they wouldn’t come out one right on top of the other. They didn’t! Monday saw the release of the Misfits Audio Halloween special “Devil’s Night“, which is a bit creepy. It’s always nice to get to work for Misfits. They were the first audio drama group to take chance on me, and they’ve taken pretty good care of me in the nearly two years I’ve worked with them.

#2 – Wednesday saw the release of the newest Seminar episode from Pendant Productions (another audio drama group that has been very kind to me as I learn the audio drama scene). It’s important to note that we don’t get a whole lot of information when we receive audition notices (nothing unusual about that, really), and so I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into when I was selecting roles to audition for in this episode. The story I’m in, “Reimagined Moments in Radio”, is a comedy. I’m…not good at comedy, to say the least. If I’m funny, it’s often by accident. I have this problem where I’m absolutely horrible at telling jokes because I start thinking about the punchline mid-joke and start laughing. So imagine my horror as I read the script and discovered my character delivering the punch line. I muddled through the recording, and hopefully I didn’t muck it up too badly. But that was a nerve-wracking afternoon.

#3 – Yesterday marked the seventy-sixth anniversary of War of the Worlds (which is in the Public Domain). Audio dramatists have been trying to organize an audio drama appreciation day, at a national or global level (they really aren’t picky), to both commemorate the anniversary of this panic-inducing radio broadcast and celebrate the resurgence of radio drama (known more frequently on the internet as audio drama because…well…this isn’t radio). I suspect they’ll accomplish this; there are enough voices talking that if they can get talking in the same spaces, they’ll pull this off.

#4 – While we’re on the topic of space invaders…sort of…if you consider humans invaders…NASA has released some dope beats to SoundCloud. What? You don’t like space sounds? I love them! (I’ll just assume that laughter isn’t at me or my gnarly use of the English language.) These are free to use, but make sure you follow their media guidelines.

#5 – Last but not least… Geek & Sundry has been releasing Halloween videos all week, and this one was kind  of cool…mainly because I had a good time watching decktonic announce this on Twitter. (It wasn’t until Day responded to him that I realized he had done this music video for Geek & Sundry). So, it was this cool little collision of worlds, and it’s just fun to watch and listen to.

There you go. If you made it all the way through, what is wrong with you? These aren’t even that interesting. I’ll try to do better in the future, but I make no promises.


Would You Look at That?

Okay…February is behind us. Physically, I’m feeling a lot better. Mentally…lock up your silly string. *grin*

I thought I’d try to get this week off on the right foot by actually sharing some links with you. (This is funny because I consider Sunday the beginning of my blogging week, but the end of my work week.)

You guys hear me talk about RSS and nifty things I do technologically. Well, this post will give you several ways to make RSS bend to your evil whims. (Of special note is the fact you can force RSS feeds to be emailed to you if the website doesn’t offer it. I know some of you don’t go for feed readers.)

I have a link to the latest version of Pidgin, the IM program I use, but I am going to need a smarter geek to figure out what the latest version is that Feisty can handle and then to get it set up correctly. Then, maybe, MSN will start working properly again. (Plus I can apparently add MySpace Messenger. We’ll have to see how this goes.)

Then I have a reminder that next month is Math Awareness Month (I need to start planning something or other for Dead Bunny), and the back page of Cerise Magazine. Hopefully this time I’ll remember to actually do the caption contest, and this month’s picture is awesome!

Oh, and I’ve been saving this one for you guys! It’s a tutorial on how Creative Commons works. I tend to release most of my artistic work under one of the Creative Commons licenses because I find myself inspired by people around me, and I want people who find inspiration in my work to be able to riff on it (within my parameters, of course).

I’ve also been saving this comic for you. I died laughing the first time I saw it. As my roommates can tell you, I’ve become something of a Rock Band enthusiast, so any well-done Rock Band joke goes over pretty well with me. I imagine this version would kick my butt, though. I’d want to play the cello, and it wouldn’t turn out pretty.

This last one really struck a chord with me. Several, actually. These are some etiquette signs from Japan. (Don’t worry, they come translated.) One of them reminds me of the afternoon I was walking through a nearby open-air mall. This man lowered his cigarette as he approached me, which I appreciated…right up until I noticed where he’s put his cigarette. His daughter, probably not much more than three, was walking with him, and when he dropped his arm, the cigarette landed just centimeters from her face. He didn’t seem concerned, and she didn’t seem to notice. I, on the other hand, was mortified. Even though I’m allergic to smoke, I’d rather suffer swollen sinuses and a closed throat than have a cigarette shoved in a child’s face. I was really upset.

All right…deep breath…calmer now. I did save y’all a link that sounds like how I live my life.

  • I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.– Pablo Picasso (Source)

Taking Inspiration From Others

This showed up in a recent newsletter on deviantArt:

This week I thought I would change the pace a bit and give you all…an assignment! Of sorts that is. When you look around deviantART, you see, well, art primarily, and you also read some fascinating journals to get insight into the minds of people and what drives them to create the work they create. In the process, you will often times find yourself inspired to go open Photoshop, Word, grab a sketchbook ( you know, those funky things with blank paper inside them ), or whatever your preferred medium and create your own work.

Sometimes the inspiration runs a bit deeper and actually affects how you view your life, the world, or someone else’s life. Sometimes being inspired is a dramatic epiphany, right there in front of you and almost tangible, other times it is more subtle and you may not realize that something was an influence till much later on. Given the amount of potential for these sorts of happenings within this community what I would like to see from you guys is this, tell me a story. Of one specific incident or deviant who has inspired you in some way shape or form. Be as detailed as you would like. You can submit it as whatever form of writing you would like and leave a link to it in this article, or even better you can post it as a comment here on this news article. I will read through each and every one of them and post some of them next week. This isn’t a contest by any means, just a chance to maybe spread some further inspiration to your fellow artists.

While we do strive for inspiration from within ourselves and the world around us, sometimes the best inspiration comes from riffing off another artist (and I can’t tell you how much I love that the word “riff” is expanding to other areas). Done well, it can even be a compliment to the original artist. (Done poorly, it’s a copyright suit waiting to happen!)