The Sun Tried to Come Out

I’m sitting here in a cool hat and listening to an old G.I. Joe episode. My inner ten year old is happy. (Perhaps I can coax her into writing for me since her mood is infinitely better than my own.)

My mom sent me a care package full of snacks, the Fiesta court, and a cool hat. I love hats. I really do. And I don’t wear them often enough. And I still want one that says “Director” in script for when I’m working on Dead Bunny or out taking pictures. Heh.

And this hat may not coordinate with my new bag. I’ll need to figure out how to get around that…

I discovered a few months ago that Sigma Six was renamed and given to Kabillion. It confused me, but I was getting those episodes back, so I wasn’t really willing to complain about the oddness of it all (especially since 4Kids has its own OnDemand area). Kabillion has long said the episodes were also online (I’m learning they’re only partially online), so this morning I went to check it out.

What you have to understand (if you weren’t around when Sigma Six launched) is that I came down rather harshly on one voice actor for not really sounding like the character he was playing. I sort of felt guilty about that after he was replaced by someone who was only marginally better. (Nothing against either man. Normally, I rather like one of them.) But I also praised someone I never thought I’d have a kind word for (Not my fault. He played three roles exceptionally well. Actually, he played six roles well, but four of them came from the original series.), but opened the door to my liking a number of his other characters. (Yes, I have been known to hold a voice actor against his own role. If you don’t believe me, try watching Huntik with me.)

This morning, I finally have the chance to check a couple of other characters and am quite dismayed to find that the person cast as my favorite Joe also did a fairly good job. (Don’t ask why this is dismaying. I won’t respond.) I think I’m going to have to watch another pair of episodes to check the last character, but it won’t matter. It’s clear the utility actors had it all over the other guys as far as Sigma Six was concerned.

And now…I go back to channeling my inner ten year old…and trying to make my outer thirty-three year old do something. This’ll be fun. *groan*