Don’t Be Boring


I’ve taken to posting encouraging quotes on my Instagram accounts early in the week, in part to encourage others, in part to motivate myself.

I’m in the process of leveling my to-do list, revamping things in an effort to reconnect with myself and my work. (It sounds fairly cheesy, but I was getting in pretty bad shape here.) And I came across this quote (because I’m the kind who scribbles random quotes into her notes and tasks) that reminded me of conversations I’ve had with too many people:

“I’m bored.”

“So go do something.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“What do you enjoy doing? What projects do you have going?”

Blank stare.

A million snarky statements of disbelief pass through my mind. “Surely there’s something you’ve always wanted to do. Read? Something?”

Melodramatic sigh. “That sounds like a lot of work.” Flop.



It sounds like I’m saying you don’t have a right to sit around and do nothing. And I’m not. You should take the time to do nothing. Your brain needs it if you’ve been doing things for a while. It needs that breathing space.

But if you haven’t been doing anything and you’re bored and you can’t think of some way to get yourself un-bored, you simply aren’t trying.

How does being bored translate to being boring? Simple. If you’re bored, you aren’t doing anything. And if you aren’t doing anything, you really don’t have anything to talk about or to contribute usefully to a conversation. And that’s pretty boring.

Just remember to not hurt yourself or other people while trying to get un-bored.


Cross-posted from my Imzy community. (This is an experiment to see how I feel about cross-posting these.)


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