Friday Five – Motivational Speeches Edition

Sometimes in life, we go through rough patches. Some of them are brief and easily chased away. Some of them are really unbalanced game bosses that take a lot more effort to work around. May was the second type for me.

But I tend to deal with rough patches by lecturing myself…often repeatedly…until something changes. And I thought I’d list out some of the lectures I’ve beaten myself over the head with over the last few weeks. Maybe you’ll find something that will help you out the next time you hit a rough patch. (These are in the order I remember them, not the order they happened in.)

1. Do. Something. (Yes, I say it almost exactly like that almost every time. And my students and editing clients think I’m only mean and snarky to them. Heh.)

2. Baby steps are your friend. (But it’s okay to take a day to hide under your bed or in your pillow pile when you just can’t cope…as long as you don’t beat yourself up over it.)

3. If you claim you want something you aren’t willing to stick your neck out for it, maybe you need to figure out why you think you want it and if you really want it at all. (This one actually ended up working great. It got me to start doing the thing I wasn’t doing that I needed to be doing. Of course, it might have helped that I got an unexpected boost in that area of my life about the same time I lost patience with myself, so… *wink*)

4. I’m in the right place. I’m just not in the right place. (This is related to Number 3, and is something I have said so often to myself in the last year and a half it’s lost nearly all meaning to me. YMMV.)

5. If you were clearly meant to do something, but you can’t do that thing the way you planned or expected, find other ways to do that thing. (Someone actually tried to shoehorn this lecture down my throat at one point some months ago, but I wasn’t in a place where I could hear it. Now, I am, and I’m trying. It’s a very bizarre fight.)

Sorry about the last couple of weeks. I’m working on something for you guys that I hope you’ll find useful. I’m not sure when it’s going to be ready to share, though, so be patient with me. (Hopefully, you’ll be better at that than I am.)


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