Find Five Friday – Stealing From Greats Edition

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve kept coming across materials, new or old as I’m both trying to keep up with my information streams and trying to clean out old bookmarks and out-of-date notes, that touch in some way on identity performance and management and personal productivity. So naturally, I thought I’d pull some of my favorites into a single post for y’all.

1. danah boyd’s Master’s thesis Faceted Id/entity is over a decade old, but it had been lost in my Kindle for a while and I only just got around to reading it. She talks about how we perform different facets of our personality offline by necessity and practice of social conventions, and then looks at how we try to mimic that behavior in online spaces. Despite being a decade old, it’s a discussion that really never falls out of style as we wrestle with creating and managing personal and professional profiles and social spaces online.

2. Another gem (which has apparently been updated) from my old bookmarks, this slide show encourages librarians and ed tech professionals to incorporate Lady Gaga’s approach to identity performance and management as they think about how they can create a more engaging, magnetic presence for their own programs. Really, many disciplines can benefit from the information.

3. PBS Idea Channel, which you should subscribe to if you haven’t already, recently took a look at Taylor Swift’s control over her own identity and body of work, and how she constructs her identity through her body of work. (This video really spoke to me because I have long believed that our body of work reflects our own experiences and beliefs, and that focusing on chasing trends is what leads to mediocre or bad work. You can’t convincingly create what isn’t yours to create.)

4. And on this topic of bodies of work and being productive in a manner true to yourself, I stumbled across this article on Joss Whedon’s productivity and how it influences his body of work. Being the little Whedon fan that I am, I found it interesting. But what I found most interesting was how he gets things done because he breaks out larger tasks into specific, actionable bits. I’ve done that forever and had “friends” mock me for it. (I’ve since learned that’s a sign of jealousy, to which I say if it bothers you that much, then why not adopt practices that will give you what you feel you lack when you see me working?)

5. And last but not least, Writing Excuses about a year ago shared Mette Ivie Harrison’s tips on how to be a more productive writer. Otherwise known as how to make time to write when you think you just can’t. While this may not be the right time to throw this at you…it’s the absolutely perfect time to throw it at you. But in all fairness, you can throw it back in my face, too.

And that’s it for this week’s links. I had so many link built up from the last couple of weeks that I’ve already started working on next week’s post. So, you have that to look forward to.


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