Find Five Friday: Inaugural Edition

I’ve been blogging for a long time. I’ve tried several different things with my various blogs over the years. A few months back, someone blogged about what they called the Find Five Friday, where they share five posts they learned from during the week. It reminded me of when I used to gather links across my various interests and post them in a massive link dump on Fridays.

But it’s been rolling around in my head, and I think I want to do something special with my Friday posts. I don’t know that it will be a post of links or inspirations. It may be a post of both. It may be five things I want to share that need more than 140 characters but less than a blog post to share adequately. It may be none of the above. We’ll see.

For this week, I’ve been collecting things I want to share, but need more than 140 characters to properly share.

#1 – Last week, I announced Agents of SHIELD‘s Phil Coulson is my new fictional crush. This week, I learned my old fictional crush The Librarian‘s Flynn Carson is getting his own mini-series this winter. All I can say is December is going to be a happy month…unless SHIELD doesn’t air.

#2 – This one isn’t a share so much as a confession. I have never been able to get into either Neil Gaiman or John Scalzi’s writings. I keep trying, because they’re both such powerhouses, but I keep failing. Despite that, I have a deep respect for what both bring to the writing community and industry, and I’m glad they’re both out there fighting the fights they choose to fight.

#3 – Likewise (although I have posted about this in the past), I respect what Felicia Day has done for the communities she participates in, but I have enjoyed projects she has been the driving force behind so she gets her own bullet point.

#4 – This xkcd comic from earlier this week made me laugh. A lot. Mainly because all I could hear in my head when I read that last panel was, “You’ve lost another submarine?” The Hunt for Red October is one of my favorite books and movies, so this comic making that joke just warmed my little fangirl heart.

#5 – LightUp. I pinned this one because science has the best toys. But I also like these because I think they’re a clever way to teach about circuits while giving learners an opportunity to explore what they’re learning. Not that I’m in love with learning through experimenting or anything. Heh.

All right. This is Round 1. We’ll see how this goes.


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