Watching My Toons…For a Totally Different Reason

I now have my Saturdays off, and I spend every single one of them with my laptop in front of me, my chai on hand, and my cartoons entertaining me!

I still sit here and drool over the animation. I still voice chase (I think I can finally find Marc Thompson without resorting to ANN! Maybe…)

I’m catching myself doing something else, though. I’m closely watching everything, even those cartoons that aren’t supposed to have enough content to rate the “E/I” rating, for teachable moments. I’m completely passing chances to figure out a voice that seems so familiar to think about what someone could possibly learn or want to look up. It’s kind of weird. (It’ll be even weirder when I finally make good on my threat to watch a number of cartoons with a notebook in my hands just to note these types of things.)
Perhaps my interest in educational media and informal learning has finally caused me to snap?

And now, time to sit and think too much about Yu-Gi-Oh GX.


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