The Powerful Sticky Note

Okay, who here doesn’t love sticky notes? Be honest now!

I live off sticky notes at work. The teachers send me sticky notes frequently. I leave myself sticky notes sometimes. I’ve even developed quite the following writing sticky notes about a family of stick figures. (I have no artistic capability to speak of, but everyone goes nuts for the stick figures.)

My room is sometimes a shrine to the majestic sticky note. I have four bulletin boards, a whiteboard, and a board that’s supposed to be in a notebook up around my room, and I think they’ve all been covered in sticky notes at some point. Currently, only two bulletin boards and the notebook board are covered in them. This is mainly because one of my bookshelves holds sticky notes better than the whiteboard did.

My sticky notes cover many topics. Some are writing ideas. Some are notes on my attempt to find a career path. Some have quotes I love. A handful remind me of the direction I’m trying to take my blogs. I’d be lost without my sticky notes!

For a list of more sticky note suggestions, check out this list from Scott Ginsberg!


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