State Crayons

I’ve been on a real crayon kick lately. I keep talking about them at work. Someone pointed me to a list of retired and lost crayon colors that included where they were in the crayon universe. (That was actually a lot of fun. I remembered a lot of the colors from my childhood.)

More interesting than that, though, was the list of state crayons. Did you know each state has an associated crayon? I certainly didn’t! Each color is listed by its actual name, and the rename based on its state. I had fun looking up the colors for each state I’ve lived in.

Texas, Alamo a la mode (Blue Bell)- I don’t remember the Blue Bell crayon, but given the Texas state flower, any shade of light-medium blue seems appropriate.

Colorado, Pikes Peak Purple (Violet(Purple))– Perhaps Purple Mountain’s Majesty would have been more appropriate? I don’t recall a lot of purple when I lived in Colorado, and you can see Pike’s Peak from certain areas of Denver.

Washington, Space Needle (White)– This one’s my favorite. If there was ever a bad color assignment, this is it! Have you ever been to Washington state? White isn’t the first color you think of (especially around the dingy gray Space Needle and its colorful neighbor, EMP). This is because Washington state, the Evergreen State, is GREEN!!!! No, really. Everywhere you look, it’s green! (At least, it is around the Puget Sound, home to the Space Needle and everyone’s favorite Rebecca.) So, how in the world did Washington end up with a white crayon? The world may never know.

What color is your state? Do you agree with it?


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