More Smart Celebrities

Yes, I’m still on this kick. I can’t help myself! I was pointed to Danica McKellar’s (Winnie from the Wonder Years) new book, Math Doesn’t Suck. I briefly thumbed through the book, a guide to help girls survive middle school math, during my mall crawl the other day, and now I want a copy for myself! (The Wired article notes that math advocate McKellar has a published proof!)

Brian May, member of the rock band Queen, is earning the doctorate in astrophysics he was working on when he left to join Queen. Despite all the time he’s spent writing songs, performing with Queen, and forming his own band, May has been part of a team that released a book on cosmology, and has released two scientific papers on his own.

This paragraph removed because of a very interesting misprint. Sorry, Mr. Grayson.

Tell me again why we’re so focused on the celebrities who don’t deserve publicity while ignoring the ones who are just incredible?


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