Give Kids Books!

I managed to earn myself an hour off from work yesterday morning. Rather than race home to watch ChaoticDi-Gata Defenders, and Yu-Gi-Oh, I took advantage of the time to go finish shopping for a friend’s belated birthday present. My workplace is right next to a mall and several small shopping centers, so i quickly had all of the missing components of her birthday present, and had found the components necessary to finish a necklace that I suspect will become my new signature.

Of course, because I was wandering the mall, I had to hit the Borders in the outdoor mall. Three of the manga titles I read are all due to release new volumes on Tuesday, but a quick scan of the massively growing manga section revealed that Viz is, as usual, ahead of itself. I picked up two of the three and then wandered around and looked at other random books.

When I went to check out, the cashier asked if I’d like to donate a book to their book drive. I remember last year when Barnes and Noble did their drive to collect books for schools. I happily bought a copy of Amber Brown is not a Crayon. The cashier showed me where the books were for their drive (which supports a literacy project instead of a local school), and I found a Magic School Bus chapter book (squee!) to donate.

Call me a bibliophile. Call me a pusher. Call me addicted to reading and trying to addict everyone else. Call me supportive of kids. Whatever. I have a good time participating in literacy/book drives where kids are the recipients!

I don’t know how long it will be going on, but you should go support children’s reading habits, too. Go to your local Borders. Find the books set aside for the drive. Purchase one and donate it!

Not later. Now. Go!


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