Who Do I Read?

Lorelle on WordPress has issued her newest blogging challenge: talk about who you read, where you get information from. For me, this is a difficult question. I have a number of topics I want to stay read up on for myself and for my blogs.

For example, I read up on career issues. Finding your passion, changing jobs with a thought toward your passion, writing resumes, developing skills, leadership and management. I like blogs like Occupational AdventureTalking Story, and the Monster blogs.

I also like to read tutorials for web design and Photoshop because occasionally I find time to work them back into my schedule. That causes blogs like the Sitepoint blogs, A List Apart, andmezzoblue to appear in my aggregator.

Despite the fact I am a teacher now, my passion is creating informal education experiences. I’d love to break into educational media and working on educational games. While I’m exploring the necessary skills for myself, I’m also trying to keep my ear to the ground for information on e-learning, information architecture, and just trying to keep an eye on what’s going on. Some of my favorite blogs to follow include Boxes and Arrowselearnspace, and Stephen Downes.

Finally, what fun would stressing over my own writing and editing work be without following people who do it on a much larger scale than I do. My favorite blog from the publishing world is the recently retired Miss Snark, but I think I’d be lost without Lit SoupPracticing Writing, and Copyblogger.

I do also follow a number of feeds that reflect my recreational habits, too. Some of the more fun ones include Girls Read ComicsWWdN in Exile, and She’s Such a Geek.

Of course, then there’s my favorite pair of feeds: Lifehacker and Wired.

This is quite possibly the most link-heavy post I’ve ever written, and that includes back when I was doing weekly link dumps.


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