I’m Not Lazy…

…I’m a structured procrastinator!

My roommate sent me the link this morning while I was looking to find a way to put off a writing project. I had to laugh. While my procrastination does have a usefulness to it, I don’t know that it will gift me with any sort of reputation other than that “workaholic” one I’ve borne for so long.

Really, there’s something to be said for this approach. You actually get some very useful things done while not doing things you’d intended to. I think that’s actually how two-thirds of my to-do list gets accomplished on any given day. I start off with the Big Bad on the list, work on it for a bit, and then switch to some smaller task. I tell myself I’m just giving myself a break from the Big Bad, but in my heart I know I’m just putting it off!

It’s not a lifestyle for everyone, but I suspect I know a few people who would love to give it a go!


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