Wrestling With My Inner Fangirl

I’ve spent most of today listening to the first season of TMNT. No, wait…that doesn’t actually describe what happened.

I’ve actually spent most of the day working on A Deck of Plot Ninjas (If you’re really interested in checking out the rough draft, message me and I’ll send you the links since I don’t have them all centralized at the moment.) I gave up on wrestling with the need to create a misplaced modifier on command to make a really good plot ninja work out beautifully. I seriously paced my room, slinky in hand, for nearly half an hour trying to come up with something.

I finally just created a placeholder and left myself a note on the card to go back and address it.

Not too long after that, I ran into a plot ninja requiring me to write a bar room brawl. Anyone who knows me can probably picture that point this afternoon. The closest I’ve really ever been to a bar was a New Year’s Eve bar hop a couple of years ago. I’m a pacifist by nature. And here I sat, needing to write a brawl. A chair-flinging, bottle-breaking brawl.

I tried. I really did. But I’m horrible at writing fight scenes. (For comparison, I have experience playing TCGs, and I have yet to write a duel into a single one of my Yu-Gi-Ohfan fics simply because I just can’t figure out how. Kaz I am not.) This brawl really isn’t much of one. The way Tadian got away from it was definitely cool (and probably needed to come up in the next important conversation he had…oops), but the brawl itself took roughly 500 words. Not. Good.

Trying to figure out the best way to give myself some sort of boost to rewrite the scene, I scoured my movie collection looking for a bar room brawl (I don’t appear to have one. The best I could find was that first morning at camp scene in Mulan, and that wasn’t terribly helpful.) It suddenly occurred to me that we have most, if not all, of TMNT (4Kids style).

As of right now, I’ve listened to 22 episodes (My limit on Yu-Gi-Oh is roughly four to six episodes. My limit on GX is right around 25. Again, for comparison.) and written nine plot ninjas. I have no idea how many words I added, but it was quite a few. (I was ambitiously hoping for eighteen plot ninjas, but it just wasn’t in the cards, so to speak.)

The problem with me sitting down to listen to any 4Kids cartoon, even if it’s one where I’ve chased down most of the voices already (as is the case with TMNT), is that I start subconsciously looking for voice actors. It’s a conditioned response at this point. Today, I was kind enough to limit myself to only listening to the incidental characters (and Casey, because I’m still having issues with Chaotic). That led to a very distracting rant in my head, one that I’ve had a million times with myself.

Okay, so…4Kids has this very talented man in their crew by the name of Dan Green. Honestly, he has a great voice and he knows how to use it!

And I’m almost to the point where I don’t care if I never hear his voice again. (Not helpful when he plays my favorite characters in Winx Club and Descendants of Darkness.) It’s to the point where I turned on Yu-Gi-Oh yesterday, and literally freaked out because somehow or other, I’d decided to forget he plays the two lead roles there. (Not the first time this has happened when Mr. Green is concerned.)

I’ve been accused repeatedly of being a fan of Dan Green, and I keep defending myself. Today was a real eye-opener, though. I think I’ve finally figured out why I’m not really a fan of Dan Green. It has nothing to do with his talent. The man has talent in droves. The problem is, by and large, regardless of whether he’s supposed to be playing a lead, main, or incidental character, he overpowers the rest of the cast. (I came up with a few exceptions to this, but I’m still trying to find more of his roles just to prove this is my problem with him.)

Everyone else plays nice, and then there’s *insert his super hero voice here* Dan Green. It just wrecks everything and drives me up a wall!

Okay…I think I’m done. Hopefully, I’ve finally gotten this little rant completely out of my system.

(For the record, the 4Kids voice actor who impresses me most consistently is Eric Stuart, followed by Wayne Grayson.)


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