The Comfort of a Design Notebook

A couple of months ago, I bought myself a recycled sketchpad with the intent of turning it into a design notebook and the knowledge the notebook would lie around blank (as so many notebooks do in my purple cave).

Then I started sketching out a plan for redesigning the other website. Then I started writing notes and to-do lists to myself to get everything organized. Then I started playing with paint chips and colored pencils. I think I’ve even done a little character analysis, with my own characters and with someone else’s characters, in there.

It’s become this interesting mixtures of text, images, and colors. It’s got its own little color coding going on so if I’m trying to find notes on a specific topic, I can. I think some of my self-exploration activities have landed in there.

The notebook lives right beside my desk, right under a pencil case that contains colored pencils, mechanical pencils, and a small ruler, and it gets pulled out often. If I’m not just thumbing through it, then I’m drawing out pieces of a room design I’d love to put together. I’m creating word clouds. I’m gluing in paint chips and then writing abstractly about how the colors work for me.

What started out with the intention of being a notebook that would only contain images and explanations of those images now is home to notes on topics for Dead Bunny, home to me thinking out loud in text and color. There are no boundaries on it, and that in turn removes the boundaries from my thinking processes.


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