Fun With Manga!

All I really need to know about manga, I learned from this ANN announcement.

Graphic novels from countries that are Japan are called “world manga”. Now I wonder what cartoons from other countries are called. (I watch one out of Italy every weekend. I wonder if it’s just a cartoon, or if it’s something else.)

I knew that some places translate manga and put both the Japanese and the English there to help English speakers learn Japanese. (My best friend actually threatened me with one a couple of years ago.) Now, there are going to be world manga that will be designed to help increase students’ vocabulary for the SAT. (As someone who has recently taught portions of the verbal side of an SAT prep class, I can tell you that’s no small feat. Does make me wonder if they need writers, though…)

It also says that the graphic novel community has figured out they can be educational and retain their entertaining nature without giving up anything. I can think of an entertainment company or two here in the States that might consider taking a page from that book…


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