Girls Like a Little Action, Too!

An interesting survey of Japanese girls has uncovered something I think is fairly obvious- girls like action stories.

Manga is divided into two classifications- shounen (boys’ manga) and shoujo (girls’ manga). Shounen is typically characterized by a lot of action and fighting. Shoujo is marked by touchy-feely moments driving the story.

While I tend to go more for shounen anime, I’m realizing my own manga collection is rather decidedly shoujo. I think I own a grand total of two shounen titles (of the eight titles I collect). The series I’m reading through the library is also shounen. The majority of my collection is shoujo (although I  think one of them could just as easily be shounen). I even read a shoujo manga magazine (which is directly responsible for three of the shoujo titles I collect).

In all fairness, though, Shounen Jump is apparently home to two of the shounen titles I enjoy (and I watch the dubbed anime for two other titles they feature). So, I guess I’m a girl who walks the line between shounen and shoujo.


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