Why Reality Television is Bad

While I was sick, I did something fairly out of character. I eschewed my beloved cartoons for reality television. Seriously. I got hooked on Top Design.

If you’ve never seen Top Design, it’s about a series of interior designers and architects (I think they said one of them had a background in something else, too) competing to create the best design for each episode’s challenge. Sometimes, they worked in teams. One time, they worked as one big team. Sometimes, they worked alone on their own designs.

It was interesting to see how each person approached each challenge. To see how they approached working as a creative team. To hear how they talked about their work.

Somewhere in the middle of watching the last several episodes over and over again, I planned out my room redesign in my head and went hunting for the blank sketchbook I bought with the intention of working on attempts at sketching out Writer’s Block. The sketch book is still blank, but at least it’s now in my bag along with a pouch full of colored pencils. Maybe I’ll actually start designing again!

I’ve known for a while that I’ve been struggling with inspiration issues. Where I used to re-design in my head every single room I walked into, I now just ignore the room altogether. I need to break myself of that habit. I need to stat playing with the space around me again. I need to just randomly pull out my wire and beads and design some jewelry (I owe my best friend a piece or two, so it’s the perfect excuse…along with the tens of sketched out designs in my jewelry notebook). I just need to get back into the design frame of mind again.

Who knew something good could come from watching a reality television show?


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