Everyone Needs to Make a Mistake

I finally got a hold of the latest Furuba volume late last week. One of the primary characters is remembering the main character’s mother, who told him her life story when they met when he was a child. One of the things she keeps going back to is that everyone needs to make one mistake. One major mistake that throws them off their life path so they can come back to themselves.

That’s really become a running theme around this blog lately- making a major mistake and recovering from it.

Imagine your life without ever making a mistake. Close your eyes and picture that. What does your life look like?

Now think over your life and find the mistakes, minor or major. Think about what you learned from them. How did they shape you into the person you are today? See, what most people miss is the true meaning of a mistake. It’s not something wrong that must be swept under the rug and never thought upon again. It’s not something to be avoided. It’s a learning opportunity. It’s a chance to reflect on who you were before the mistake, and what recovering from the mistake will mean for you.

A mistake is a chance to rethink yourself, to explore options you might not have considered before the mistake. It’s a chance to move away from a bigger disaster without paying too harsh a price.

Everyone needs to make one mistake, one life-changing mistake, if for no other reason to find out who they really are and what’s truly important to them.


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