What Will She Do Next?

Scott Ginsberg recently announced that creativity is magnetic. I consider myself somewhat creative, so I decided to read on. Scott asserts that people are drawn to creative people because they are approachable.

Apparently, creative people are fun, smiling, and easily draw others to them. I don’t know that I agree with that. I’m creative, but people are generally more inclined to remain around my brooding self because they want to see what I’m going to do next. (I’ve heard that’s fun for some people.)

Not that I’m recommending turning creative types into zoo exhibitions or anything, but sometimes it’s just fun to see how a creative person is going to handle a new situation in their life (or a rut).

While I disagree with the idea that creative types are magnetic because they’re friendly, I do like Scott’s ideas for embracing your own creative self:

  1. Affirm it
  2. Hang with it
  3. Practice it
  4. Study it

Interestingly enough, the advice is to become attractive to creativity yourself.

The comments on the post are a fairly interesting read, too…especially if you happen to suffer from any degree of shyness.


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