I Seriously Need to Remember This

Oh, and one small (very small) quibble: beware of using “shy” and “introverted” interchangeably. Like many blowhard performers, I’m quite introverted, but you’d never know it to see me on stage or, when I must, working the room. It’s just that I need a nice, long hibernation afterwards.– Seen in a comment

I remember when I thought it was weird that my character Kazuki had to decompress after appearances in my script… Subconsciously, I did it because that’s how I am. (It took me forever to realize that, too. But I figured it out on my own!)

Stupidly enough, I still miss doing some sort of performing art, and I have plans to audition for a community choir if my schedule ever lets up. But I know it’s going to be a challenge, and I’m going to hope beyond all hope that I never get asked to sing anything but ensemble pieces.

Hell, just surviving a day of teaching is a challenge to my introversion…and I’m on my own turf!


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