Getting a Girl to Play a Video Game

I recently discovered this great how-to over at wikiHow to help gamer guys get their girlfriend to play video games.

As one who can remember getting excited when her mother would pull out the Odyssey when she was little, this really doesn’t pertain to me. But as someone who recently dragged a girl friend kicking and screaming into the first Spyro the Dragon game (and who in the past got a non-gaming girl to start playing video games after introducing her to the joys of MarioKart), I found it rings pretty true.

The video game industry is often looking for how to pull girls into gaming to begin with, and boyfriend and gamer girl friends are really a great way to start. From my own experience as someone who sees a console and immediately starts trying to weasel her way into a game, it’s a fairly simple concept. Girls with limited or no gaming experience watch a gamer girl in action and attempt to make them feel like a traitor to the gender. Somehow, they non-gamer feels the gamer is acting like a boy when she plays.

But then something weird happens. The non-gamer sits down to watch, usually because she’s used to watching her gamer boyfriend play, and starts chatting (we girls are so adorably social…so are we gamers, surprisingly enough). As she watches the game, she starts to help out by pointing out things you may not be aware of (or are ignoring and she’s afraid you’ve overlooked it). Eventually, you can use that to hand her the controller and let her give it a try because she can see the game isn’t terribly hard.

(For most racing games, I’ve found that once the gamer girl beats a hardcore gamer guy, the non-gamer girl is more than willing to jump in and learn how to play the game. Hmm…what does that say, guys?)

As the video game industry continues to evolve and create games that attract a wider audience, it is possible non-gamer girls will stumble into gaming on their own. Until then, we gamers can sneakily pull them in with a little social interaction.


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