Feminine Tools

I don’t mind the thought of a woman with tools. I have a set of my own, actually. Complete with a knock-off dremmel (because more women need their own power tools!) It’s not uncommon for my male roommates to come ask to borrow one of my tools.

I’ve never thought twice about repairing those things I could figure out on my own. I’ve never thought twice about building something when I had the materials handy.

What can I say, I like playing with tools!

I remember when I was in college, one of the mail-order companies offered a set of tools “for her”. The case was pink. The tools were pink. The copy made it very clear it was a woman’s set of tools. There was hardly anything to the set, though. A hammer. A measuring tape. A few screwdrivers. It was fairly wimpy.

I hugged my non-girly, well-stocked tool box when it was given to me right after I moved into my third apartment. (I’d been making do with a tiny set of $1.00 screwdrivers.)

Now, there’s a woman who has a successful business selling women-friendly tools, and part of me has to wonder if they are honestly any more woman-friendly than my own black-handled set that lives in its big blue tackle box. At least, she has some fairly useful how-tos. But do they really require a set of “sexy” she-tools to complete them?

I suspect the most a “feminine” set of tools does is discourage the boyfriend/husband/brother/son/guy friend from stealing our tools (something I’ve never had a problem with).


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