I Ought to Send This On to the Appropriate Person, But…

For the record, the coolest thing I got to do today was share “Bad Seed to Sow” with the sweet Moroccan guy. Part of me kind of wants to let the songwriter know that.

Talking to him has been a bit depressing. He apologized to me for 9/11, and couldn’t believe that I didn’t hold him responsible. Seriously. I told him it was an act of  very small group of people and made him promise he wasn’t part of that group. Then I made him stop apologizing.

It was kind of fun, actually.

So then I told him I wanted to share a song with him. I sent him “Bad Seed to Sow”, and he sent me this cool song from a Moroccan artist. The song he sent me was pretty cool, and he loved the lyrics to “Bad Seed to Sow”.

(And I feel like I’m misspelling sow, here…)

At any rate, talking with him has been a good way to avoid getting any editing done on Jath. He’s really a sweet guy.


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