Apparently, Time Affects Me the Same Way It Affects Everyone Else

I finally re-downloaded Skype this afternoon

The last time I had Skype on this computer (before Shigure popped a resistor), one random person talked to me.

In the last hour, I’ve had to manage seven conversations. They all started the exact same way. Nearly half of them asked for my MSN screen name. One of them couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that I am not looking for a relationship. He kept insisting on talking to me because he wants a wife and couldn’t understand why some stranger wouldn’t take him up on that. After that, I became some strange brand of female with a weird personality.

Another really just wanted to be a webcam exhibitionist. I politely refused his offer, but I really think he’s a sub in need of being dominated. One was a sweet kid from Morocco who couldn’t get over the fact that an American would talk civilly with him (I felt so badly when he said that).

And then there was the one studying to become an English teacher. He asked me if I had kids or a husband, which I don’t. He then informed me I’m getting older. There were half a million responses I could have given, but I chose to have a senior moment and all but forced him to explain to me that I’m officially an old maid (not his words).He turned out to be a real odd duck, so I went on my merry way.

So, in short, I am a weird American woman who is contentedly getting older with no urge to get married and pop out children and has an unusually high level of tolerance for friendly strangers, despite their home country.

Everybody got that? Good.


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