Well, There Went My Ice Breaker

I have no idea how I missed it (especially knowing I was looking for it), but Hi-Tech does, in fact, use the word quantum once. Sadly, though, he uses it correctly.

Perhaps Hi-Tech needs to sit Kaiba and Bastion down for a little vocabulary lesson. (I guess it’s more important that a tech-savvy G.I. Joe get that word right than a couple of teenagers who obsess over playing Duel Monsters. Heh.)

But I always said if I met Eric Stuart and managed to do more than stare at the floor, I’d love to ask him to define the word quantum. (I also really expect that he’d stare at me like I was just plain odd…) I think Hi-Tech just stole that right from me.

(For anyone who is curious, my friend request has actually already been processed. I’m amazed. And even a bit giggly.)


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