Art in Math

I’ve never been shy about the fact I can’t draw.

I can do nearly any other art you put in front of me, but the only way I’ve ever been able to draw (and Dead Bunny brilliantly illustrates this) is with either a School Tools book (which they sadly no longer make) or a Geometer. You give me a way to make geometric shapes, I can finally draw something other than stick figures.

Designing awe-inspiring pieces through geometry isn’t just a draw-inept artist’s means of creating. It’s actually one of the most ancient forms of designing. Take a look around at ruins, at less-ancient European cathedrals. You’ll find the most intricate, eye-catching designs in mosaics and stained glass windows, all done in the piecing together of geometric shapes.

Feeling a little draw-challenged? Start working in geometric shapes!


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