More of Those Weird Books Kiry Likes

I can’t promise this will be the last of these posts. I read more manga titles than I thought! At any rate, let’s look at Phase Two of our tour around Kiry’s manga shelves. I’ve already covered the manga/anime. Now it’s the manga-without-anime’s turn (and strangely enough, this ties directly into Wednesday’s post).

First up is my favorite Shojo Beat title, Godchild (Kaori Yuki). Godchild is about a teenaged Earl in Victorian London who is a collector of rare poisons. As a result, he ends up finding himself in the middle of some interesting crime scenes. He pretty much raises his half-sister Mary Weather on his own, and his half-brother wants him dead. (His half-brother really bothers me. He looks like Yutaka Watari and sounds like Kazutaka Muraki, both characters in Descendants of Darkness.) His father vanished years ago, only to turn up in a secret society that wants the world (what secret society doesn’t?). The stories themselves are built around nursery rhymes. One of the early stories gave birth to my very first Yu-Gi-Oh fan fiction.

Yuki has also released the short stories that lead up to Godchild in a series of books called The Cain Saga. Fairly disturbing, those, but I still enjoy reading them. (I’m not sure what that says about me.)

On the shelf with these two, you’ll also find Yuu Watase’s Absolute Boyfriend. This one is just plain cute to begin with, and now it’s becoming odd. Riko Izawa decides to order herself a boyfriend. But this android love comes with a hefty price, and when she misses the deadline for the end of the free trial, the company strikes a bargain with Riko. The android stays with her without charge if she helps him gather information on women’s emotions for the company. Riko is adorably clueless, though, and her childhood friend Soshi quickly learns about the android and becomes a bit protective of Riko (somehow, she missed this sweet guy and his glaringly obvious crush on her)
Everything pretty much goes downhill from there. It’s really cute, though!

All right, I think that covers two of the shelves, and leaves me with one title on the half shelf. That can wait until next week.


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