Math is a Foreign, Yet Universal Language

The girls and I were chatting yesterday morning when one of them informed me that her life would be considerably easier if she’d just learn the math vocabulary.

She’s right. She’s absolutely right.

Math is a foreign language, full of mysterious symbols and long, funny-looking words. Once you gain mastery over the long, funny words, the symbols start making sense.

I love the movies Contact and Mean Girls because they both point this out. Even if it is a bit far-fetched that an alien culture would think to use their form of mathematics as a means to communicate with other worlds, Ellie does a great job pointing out that math is the one language that can be understood, regardless of what language you natively speak. Cady states it a bit more elegantly when she professes a love for math because it’s the same in any language.

Math is its own language, complete with a lingo (or slang) that is inherently the domain of mathematics. But with a little work, you can learn it and make it work for you.

The best advice Dead Bunny has to offer: learn your math vocabulary. (Also, read the directions and double check your work!)


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