Dead Bunny

Last month, I became so frustrated with the nature of math education in my state that a number of things happened.

First, I realized that more than just creating curriculum, I really want to develop ways for kids to learn or reinforce skills that they aren’t picking up in math class. That realization alone has helped focus my actions a bit more tightly as I try to learn how to get involved with developing educational game and interactive media. (Suggestions are welcome at this point, because right now I’m talking with potential leads.)

Second, it led to a fit of insanity and gave birth to the Dead Bunny blog. Currently, the Dead Bunny blog is focusing on sharing bite-sized math lessons that are inspired by my work with my own students. I’m having to learn how to represent so much of this in HTML, so it’s going fairly slowly. I’m also working on my first article, complete with art (which has been a nightmare unto itself).

In time, I’ll be adding writing lessons as well (I spend much of my time teaching writing to people I edit for.), and in time the articles and posts will get smoothed out into books.

It feels good to finally be doing something pro-active. I just want kids to have the best chance at success, and the math situation in this state isn’t giving them that.


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