Poor Ash…

I realize that I’m quite possibly the only person around here who understands why, but this is utterly heartbreaking. (The interview will change next Thursday should you decide to get curious what’s got Kiry kinda sad.)

(It’s a clip of an interview Veronica Taylor gave for this project. It had to have been taped after 4Kids wrapped up production on the last season they controlled, and before March…which means it was still during the time when Pokemon USA was stringing 4Kids along.)

Seriously, this is only here to make myself feel just a hair better. I’ve always thought 4Kids got the short of the stick on that one…especially Veronica Taylor herself, who at any given point in time has been in no more than two or three 4Kids properties because of the demands on her time to play Ash.

On a more cheerful note, it’s fun to watch Independence Day and realize the president’s daughter is Katara, the most ignored character in Avatar…but that’s an entirely different post.

(Perhaps another post should be acing a grammar test while somewhat drunk. It’s been a stressful week.)


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