My Questionable Reading Habits

A recent study has discovered that a full third of manga involve children in sexual situations. They sampled 100 poplar adult manga titles…which means we probably need a definition of what they qualified as “adult manga” to actually discuss the results.

As it is, I tried to determine how many manga I could think of where there were children and sex in the same panel. Amazingly, I came up with far too many off the top of my head. (Perhaps I only read manga that would qualify as adult manga?)

Then I decided that the number had to be higher than what was reported, but I just manage to not read those manga.

Except the dead center of the shelf holding my favorite manga titles is all eleven volumes of Descendants of Darkness… That would be the one with the sixteen year old who was raped when he was thirteen (which you get to see vaguely twice in both the manga and the anime). Somehow, I suspect that one would be defended as critical to the story. It was the rape that led to the illness that killed the boy (one of the main characters), and his rapist figures fairly prominently throughout the series since he’s a thorn in the sides of both main characters.

A more thorough examination of my small manga collection finds an implied sex scene between two middle schoolers, a child murdered because another child found out she was having sex with an adult, and a robot and the company that made him trying to force a high schooler to have sex with him. And that leaves out Ranma 1/2 and Gravitation, which are pretty much self-explanatory.

Sadly, as of right now (Duelist 17 and Millennium World 4), the only manga I read that doesn’t suffer this is Yu-Gi-Oh. If we want perviness there, we have to go no further than fan fiction, though. (Or realize that the American voice actors probably have only half a clue how some of their lines came out.)

(This leaves out the titles I read through Shojo Beat, where my favorite titles Vampire Knight and Backstage Prince are both momentarily safe from this phenomenon.)


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