Working Against the Advice

I am a huge fan of Todoist. I love being able to set up a list for each area of my life and for separate projects. I love being able to form smaller projects out of larger ones. I love setting due dates and then manipulating those dates as necessary. (I want more colors for the labels…in a wider variety.) I love being able to manage it from my iGoogle page.

I just love Todoist. It’s like the to-do list on steroids.

I love playing with my lists, too. I try every evening to sit down and go through all of the to-do lists to pick out a handful of items to work on the next day (sometimes, this doesn’t happen until the following morning). During the day, I also comb through it at least once or twice to find more work.

Here’s the funny thing, though: I can’t “walk through” Todoist without doing at least two or three smaller tasks…just to get them off my list. It never fails. I’m just looking for a project to work on for a little bit, and boom, I’ve knocked another five things off the list. It’s really pretty funny.

Productivity gurus say to stay focused on the tasks at hand, but I find letting my to-do list have a certain amount of flexibility keeps me far more productive.


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