Accomplishment: Time’s Person of the Year

All right, I think all of us who were targeted by Time’s lack of attempt to take their own Person of the Year award seriously are all having a fairly good laugh right now.

In fact, my good laugh came as I was telling my best friend, just home from Japan, about the award. We were already giggling when I suggested adding it to my resume as a joke. That had both of us laughing so hard we could barely breathe.

I’m grateful to know I’m not the only one who is concerned about the potential for this actually showing up on people’s resume, or who find the thought completely laughable. What concerns me more than anything, though, is when a reputable site (who has been on my radar for less-than-brilliant moves before) actually supports doing it.

Honestly, if your resume is so weak that you feel adding this “accomplishment” to it will put you over the top, then perhaps you seriously need to review your resume and stop selling you and your hard-earned skills short.

Yep, I am Time’s Person of the Year this year because I’m unafraid to share my life through blogging and various bits of social software, but in the end, that means nothing next to my long list of well-honed skills and talents.


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