Those Ads Aren’t the Only Problem!

Due to the Wii shortage, Nintendo started reducing the number of Wii ads in the UK. A smart move on Nintendo’s part, but it left me wishing they’d take the DS ads off the air here. I find them offensive.

If you haven’t seen these few ads running on television, they feature boys and girls playing various Mario and Pokemon games together on their DS Lites. The boys all have either the black or the red-and-black DS Lites. The girls all have the white and pink DS Lites. (Yes, I have had nothing better to do on repeated Saturday mornings than to sit and carefully look at all the DS Lites in these ads…as long as you ignore my new jewelry pieces and my voice hunting.)

Of course, maybe I’m just being silly. Maybe there is a preponderance of girls out there with either a white or pink DS Lite. Maybe there is a preponderance of boys out there with the black or red-and-black DS Lite. Among my students, both boys and girls, the most common DS Lite color is black. A couple of girls have a pink one, but they seem almost apologetic for wielding a pink DS Lite.

In my own household, two of us have DS Lites. My male roommate has the white one. I was gifted a black one last Christmas that I’m absolutely in love with.

I can kind of understand not showing boys with a pink DS Lite because of social stigmas, but otherwise, there should be a mix.


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