An Often-Overlooked Soft Skill

At any interview where I know I’m not exactly what the hiring manager is looking for but also know I could easily do the tasks required of the job, I always try to impress on the interviewer that I am able to pick things up fairly quickly

It’s true. When I don’t know something I need to know in order to get work done, both in my professional and my personal life, I seek it out and learn it, immediately applying it to whatever I’m working on. That’s how I got started in teaching, in web and graphic design, and it seems an awful lot of my management skills are self-learned because I needed a skills boost to survive a situation.

Right now, as I’m trying to break into a new field, I’m trying to demonstrate what I’ve learned on the fly and trying to make it clear to potential employers that I can learn what I need to in order to complete their projects.

If you can pick skills up quickly and are willing to learn, that’s a valuable skill and you should make it part of marketing yourself. It’s amazing how many people will defer to someone who knows how to do something, just so they can get out of having to learn something new.


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