Taking a Stab at Reorganizing For Better Work Management

As part of my grappling with motivation issues, I’ve been trying out different applications to see if anything just really resonates with my working style.

I briefly considered going back to Google Notebook, but that thought died as it appeared. There just isn’t enough control over it to accomplish what I want to accomplish. I’ve also tried revisiting using the personalized Google homepage, but it has a similar problem  in that i can’t duplicate modules, even across different pages.

I am currently working on making Pageflakes into something useful. It runs far more smoothly than it used to, but it handles events so poorly that it crashes my poor browser. Not the best solution in the world. On the upside, I do like being able to set up pages for various things and then duplicating modules as needed. I also like the tabbed to-do list. Very handy for quickly looking to see what i have to work on. It has potential, but I’m still really forced into someone else’s box.

Even though EverNote doesn’t precisely meet my every fantasy, it allows me a greater level of control over my workspace. This makes me very happy. I’m actually planning to go through and reorganize my EverNote files to make them into something that matches my own thought processes instead of random groupings of notes (which seems to be what has happened lately).


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