I Really Must Stop Watching Cartoons

If it’s even possible, I think my crush on Eric Stuart’s vocal capabilities grew this morning.  Seriously, you ever want to see a good voice actor in action, stalk Eric Stuart. Watch a handful of Kaiba-heavy Yu-Gi-Oh episodes, and then watch the GX episode “Magnetic Personality”. (Watching my favorite Sigma Six episode would probably help, too.)

I think it’s quite possible Mr. Stuart is the only 4kids actor who can deliver lines best uttered from an entirely different character while not breaking the voice of the character he’s playing at that moment. He should impart his wisdom to the guys he directs. (Really, he ought to sit a specific one of them down and explain that a different stage name isn’t isn’t fooling anyone who saw Berserk.)

Eric Stuart still manages not to be my favorite voice actor (he has to settle for being second to Frank Welker), but I suspect he will always be my favorite 4kids voice actor.


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