Study Those Facts!

Most of us have a deck of cards and some dice lying around. These playtime tools can help your math student work on their facts.

It works pretty simply. Using the deck of cards, the student draws two or three cards and adds or multiplies them (depending on what skill they’re looking to practice). They can write them down on a piece of paper, or they can sharpen their mental math skills by doing it all in their head. For this purpose, the ace is 1, the jack is 11, the queen is 12, and the king is 13.

Dice work much the same way. You roll them and add or multiply them. For some real fun, head down to your local game shop and get a couple of twelve-sided dice to let them practice the full range of facts they need to know for school. (To really torture your student, get a couple of twenty-sided dice)

Other ways you can use these tools to practice your math is to set up order of operations problems with them. Use the cards or dice to get your numbers, and then mix up your operation. A roll of 5, 2, and 6 could look like 5+2 X 6 for practice.

See? You can play and study math all at the same time!


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