Games Develop Creativity

Playing games allows you to develop your creativity and problem solving skills, both necessary components of the design process.

Developing a strategy, seeing alternate ways to do things, gives you an edge in a game. When you train yourself to see these possibilities in a game, you find yourself applying the same mindset to your life in general, thereby allowing you to come up with ideas that you might not have never considered before.

Some games are even developed with the idea of exercising your creative tendencies. Cranium’s line is a great source of creative skill-building. Any game that has earned the “Mensa Select” label is also a great way to sharpen your ability to think outside the box. I’ve even found that some video games can be very helpful when you need to get around a little creativity block. The problem solving level of some games is so intense that your mind doesn’t want to give up after you walk away.

Want to build your creative potential? Start up a game night with some friends!


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