Can I Be a Poof Reader?

There’s a meme currently running around asking people to tell six to ten things about themselves that may not be known. I’m not going to bore you while I try to come up with a handful of odd facts about myself, but I will share this one not-widely-known fact: As a child, I was fascinated by magic.

I can’t really explain what exactly it was. I never found it terribly mysterious because I almost always went looking for the science behind the trick, or how the illusion was created (which in hindsight was probably what made it so much fun for me). I even had my on box of tricks that I pulled out when someone needed to be entertained. It was one of life-savers in my bag of babysitting tricks.

Even now, I love to watch magic being performed.

What is widely known about me is that I’m a writer and editor in my spare time. People bring me work that they feel could use a pair of eyes (it often requires a few rewrites after I’m done with it). What’s not known is that I’ve been editing for other people since I was a kid, too. I think I was in high school before one of my parents threatened to arm me with a blue pencil. (Mom, I don’t remember which one of you it was, but it was after I found another typo in a certain script that rivaled washing and frying hands.)

Anyway, I’m also a fan of the Mutts comic, and I read the (delayed) feed. Recently, Mutts ran a story line where one of the dogs was a wizard who was doing all sorts of things, and it led to this strip that made me feel all warm and mushy,

(All right, I worked in three facts about me, and I’m not tagging anybody. That should suffice.)


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