Captcha vs. Math

I was reading a disappointing article on Montessori (read: The headline suggested there would be some useful information pertaining to Montessori education. The article really didn’t have so much to do with Montessori at all except to say it’s better for most preschoolers than traditional day care without delving much into the defense of that position.) on a science blog.

Fortunately, something more interesting caught my eye. Above the comment area, there was a place to add your own comment. There was no disclaimer about how the comment would be moderated until a pack of rabid monkeys could verify that you were not a spambot. There was no captcha destroying your eyesight.

Instead, the human verification system consisted of a simple math problem, and I thought to myself, Hey, that’s pretty cool! My second thought was, How cool! Now you can get a brief math refresher with your comment posting!

I’m sure a spambot will soon have the system defeated, but for now, that’s just a really amusing, impressive human verification system. It requires a second (or less, if you’re up on your math facts) of thought. It’s encouraging!


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