“Happy” Endings

I’ve been deluged recently by well-meaning friends and family members who have all informed me that I deserve a “happy ending”. For every single one of them, this entails me finding a nice guy and settling comfortably into coupledom. Apparently, that’s the only way I can be happy.

I hate to disappoint everyone, but this old maid actually happens to like her single status. My life is completely nonconducive to having another person in it, and I don’t have the patience for most of the people I meet. (Seriously, it would take a very, very special understanding guy to put up with me, and he just doesn’t exist.)

I’d like to throw out a radical idea, though. Perhaps “happy ending” needs to be redefined for everyone. Instead of wishing me into a successful couple, everyone should refocus their wishes on my own success. Tell me I deserve to find my professional niche. To either have a successful freelance business, or be picked up into a perfect position by a perfect company (or as close as I can get on both counts).

A happy ending just requires the person to be happy.


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