Conditions of the Duel

By some bizarre accident, I am a fan of both Yu-Gi-Oh and its spin-off Yu-Gi-Oh GX. I’m utterly fascinated by the girls in both series, primarily the main girls.

The original series’ main girl is nothing like her Japanese counterpart. She’s a flake, where that character originally had quite a bit of spirit.

In the spin-off, the main girl has spirit, and manages to balance a strong-willed independence with rational compassion. I was watching the episodes last week, and realized that she isn’t always written to reflect this personality.

Poor Alexis. She gets drawn into a duel against Chazz at least once a season. Because Chazz has a crush on her, the condition for each duel is that she dates him if she loses. The first time, she wiped up the floor with him while verbally knocking him down a few pegs. The second time, she gave up the independence that served her so well across an entire season and as a result lost rather spectacularly. At the end of the duel, she’s fallen under the control of the Society of Light, and walks away from her own crush to stand by Chazz.

Somehow, the whole thing sits poorly with me. That Chazz demands her companionship as his prize for winning a duel. That somehow Alexis just completely forgot who she was, conveniently causing her to lose the duel. So, basically…the only way Chazz could get Alexis is the writer giving her temporary amnesia. (Most of her friends noted she wasn’t acting like herself. Her brother sang her a horrible song to bring her back to herself, and it still didn’t help. Note to 4Kids: Please don’t allow Atticus to sing any more! It’s creepy.)

I guess I should be grateful that this same tactic showed up a grand total of once in the original series (and that was over the spirited, strong-willed secondary female character).


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