Benevolent Assassinations

I’ve never felt inclined to participate in Assassin games, although I’ve certainly been amused by watching them take place around me. I think I’ve even been used to help futher people’s untimely demises along a time or two.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s kind of fun. You get another participant’s name (sometimes you get a picture if you’re in a group where it’s likely people won’t know everybody playing). You then have some prescribed method to kill them with (I’ve seen everything from rubber band guns to disc shooters to boffer swords), and an exhaustive set of rules controlling how and when the person can be legally killed.

Apparently, someone got the idea to take the game and give it a “random acts of kindness” twist, and I have to say I think I really like the idea. There need to be more deaths caused by compliments!


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