The Business Skills of a Teacher

If you look at my resume, you’ll notice I have a fairly unusual background. Trying to explain how I came up with such a crazy lifepath is an interesting challenge. Explaining the collection of skills I’ve acquired along the way makes people stare at me like I’ve grown a second head.

I’ve decided that at some point, I’m going to actually develop a skills-based resume. Each header will be some major skill, and then it will be backed up by how many years of experience I have in doing smaller skills under that heading.

It will seem somewhat obvious in some sections. As a teacher and curriculum developer, the teaching and writing sections will make perfect sense. However, it will have to include sections on design, project management, leadership. Not skills you’d generally associate with the normal teacher.

I don’t know how many teachers get involved with design (namely graphic and web design issues), but it occurs to me that any teacher who develops their own curriculum- units, lessons, tests, field trips, extensions- has some very strong project management skills behind them. There are teachers who have strong negotiation skills, either from using it as a classroom management tool or when trying to get certain dispensations from their principal/director. They have strong personnel mamangement skills (you try managing a class of thirty individuals!). And your good teachers have the grace to handle all of it tactfully.

When this year started, I couldn’t imagine how to repackage my life a s ateacher to make it make sense to anybody else. Now I realize that my possibilities are literally endless!


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